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Bilstein Performance Suspension
Bilstein has developed the ultimate automotive performance suspension systems. To ensure maximum performance, these systems
utilize superior Bilstein mono-tube gas shocks, featuring the largest available piston diameter for greater sensitivity and precise control,
patented digressive piston head design, and defl ective disc valving that instantly reacts to changing road input. From street performance,
to competition ready, these suspension systems are available in three levels:

, is a high performance system with sport tuned mono-tube gas shocks and matched
lowering springs. The system includes 4 coil springs with performance directed spring rate and patented mono-tube gas pressure shock

PSS – PERFORMANCE SUSPENSION SYSTEM, is an ultra high performance ride height adjustable suspension system featuring
performance valved mono-tube gas shocks. The system includes coil-over and standard mono-tube gas shocks with performance level
valving along with application specifi c rate coil springs.

, is the “race inspired” fully
adjustable ride height system featuring mono-tube gas shock absorbers with precise damping adjustments. The system includes
adjustable mono-tube gas shock absorbers with adjustable compression and rebound settings from comfort to competition, front and
rear application specifi c, progressive rate springs allow accurate adjustment of vehicle ride height and center of gravity for the level of
performance you seek.

, allows the driver to electronically select between a comfort oriented or a signifi cantly
fi rmer, aggressive performance damping mode with a simple push of the dash mounted button. The integrated control unit switches the
damping settings on all four shocks/struts in fractions of a second to deliver the handling characteristics you desire.

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